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Omega One microbe lift
Omega One

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MicrobeLift Chelated Iron

A newly developed proprietary formulation that was developed to provide Iron in a chelated form easily available for caulerpa and calcareous a

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OmegaOne Shrimp Pellets

With fresh shrimp. Our shrimp pellets are like no other. We purchase whole fresh shrimp direct from Alaskan fisherman. These shrimp are 100% food gra

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MicrobeLift pH 7.5 Buffer Stabilizer

Sets Freshwater at a pH of 7.5 Use for: Tap Water Tank Water Change Water

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OmegaOne Seaweed Clip

Great for all of your algae grazers. Floats in water for simple retrieval. Grips onto seaweed sheets. Suction cup attaches to any aquarium securely.

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