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Omega One microbe lift
Omega One

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MicrobeLift Calcium Concentrate

A newly developed proprietary formulation that will enhance the growth of hard tube worms, snails, clams, pink and green algae, as well as hel

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OmegaOne Freeze-Dried Nutri-Treats Tubifex Worms

High protein content and extreme palatability make Omega One Tubifex Worms an ideal Nutri-Treat™ for most fresh and marine species. Particularly fasci

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MicrobeLift Super Dechlorinator

Will remove and neutralize chlorine, destroy chloramines, detoxify heavy metals (e.g. copper). NOTE: MICROBE-LI

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MicrobeLift Proper Discus Water Chemistry

Replaces needed essential trace minerals often removed during filtration. Replaces trace minerals:Sodium, magnesium, ca

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