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MicrobeLift Microbial Root Dip
MicrobeLift Microbial Root Dip


Quickly Clears Cloudy Water

Specifically formulated to promote a healthy and stronger root system.

  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Increases Chlorophyll
  • Increases Nutrient Availability
  • May be used with all water plants, as well as bog and terrestrial plants
  • Reduces transplant shock
  • Helps to prevent pathogens
  • Aids in disease resistance
MICROBE-LIFT/Bloom & Grow™ Microbrial Root Dip is a natural humic and microbial based product. While ML/RD is not a plant food or nutrient it is compatible with all standard nutrients and fertilization programs.

ML/Microbrial Root Dip may be used during all stages of growth.

The microorganisms in ML/Microbrial Root Dip are a living consortium of photosynthetic strains. ML/Microbrial Root Dip cannot burn plants because it does not contain any NPK.