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MicrobeLift Bloom & Grow Bio-Carbon
MicrobeLift Bloom & Grow Bio-Carbon


A breakthrough in carbon source technology that provides cutting edge developments in micro-biology and biophysics!

  • Contains high quality peat extract
  • Contains humic and fulvic acids
  • Contains a blend of naturally occurring vegetative and spore-forming microorganisms
  • Helps make iron, nitrogen and other nutrients more bioavailable

MICROBE-LIFT/BLOOM & GROW Bio-Carbon contains combinations of naturally occurring microorganisms that share key traits for plant enhancement. The photosynthetic organisms will inhabit the root and vascular systems of the plant helping to modify, retain and transport nutrients. Humic is the end product of organic matter decomposition. Organic matter has a high carbon content. When plants are removed from the environment where they are grown, natural balances are destroyed and growth may be disrupted. It is a good practice to restore the plants natural balances with ML/BLOOM & GROW Bio-Carbon. Dosing with ML/BLOOM & GROW Bio-Carbon is the most convenient and effective method of restoring these balances. ML/BLOOM & GROW Bio-Carbon will enhance nutrient availability, enhance substrate and contributes to enhanced microbial activity and the overall biochemical processes.

Plant Hygiene
ML/BLOOM & GROW Bio-Carbon helps to maintain both appearance as well as the vigor of plants.

The hours of light rays a plant receives each day as well as its intensity are specific for each species of plant and will greatly influence the quality of plant health. Know your plants as well as light spectrum.